Silver Foam 10×10 cm


Silver Foam 10×10 cm

TeHo® Silver Foam is a sterile, hydrophilic foam wound dressing that includes an antimicrobial non-woven wound contact surface which consists of viscose and polyester fibres containing ionic silver (Ag+) with high absorption capacity polyurethane foam and a vapour permeable, water and bacteria resistant polyurethane film outer layer.

The ionic silver in the TeHo® Silver Foam prevents bacterial colonisation in the wound dressings, thus preventing growth of bacteria in the wound.

In the presence of exudate, TeHo® Silver Foam helps maintain a moist wound environment conducive to natural healing conditions.


TeHo® Silver Foam is indicated for the management of moderately to heavily exuding, partial to full thickness wounds, such as

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous and arterial leg ulcers
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • First and second degree burns

TeHo® Silver Foam may also be used as an aid for prevention of skin breakdown.

Description: Sterile Hydrophilic Foam Dressing with Ionic Ag+ Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial.
Size :10x10 / 15x15
10pcs in a box


For Hospital Use Only.
Sterile R

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